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Overall Flow. Right now we're on my nudge-nudge make a movie site Gollywood dot ORG. Over the years, I've built a number of linked websites. Caffeine Books tells the story of my life as a writer (highlights, anyway). Each item on that site directly points you to Galley City, where you can read over a million words free. If something interests you, please either contact me or follow the trail from Gollywood to Caffeine Books to Galley City. This site is under construction; more info soon.

John T. Cullen Author, publisher, and website builder. I'm here to tell you about some of my 40+ novels that can be read as novels, but also many of them are written to screenplay structure and can easily serve as very readable treatments. When you read any of my stories, you should imagine the movie already playing in your head.

Rocky Cullen JTC on a summer evening in San Diego Harbor Rox showing off his Christmas bowtie, very proud, always helpful My assistant and fellow literatus is Rocky Cullen, my wife's cat (and mine) here seen showing off his Christmas bowtie. He is a very literary cat & spends quality time daily in his literature box. I am the librarian and cleaner. Rox and I thank you for visiting today.

Movieable Novels. Besides being the author of 50+ books (fiction, nonfiction, poetry), and dozens of short stories, I have been publishing online since the 1990s. I'll tell you the overall story soon, but for now let's focus on the purpose of this site (Gollywood dot ORG). I want to reach readers, agents, publishers, anyone who cares about an exciting narrative. I want to call your attention to some of my most movie-able novels.

Brief Bio Info. Born a U.S. citizen (in Europe, post-WW2, U.S. Army brat). Spent my childhood in Europe, especially in Luxembourg. Came to USA age 10 in New England. Poet by age 7, first little book age 11, professional writer New Haven metro daily newspaper age 17, published poet at 18, wrote my first full novel at 19 (Summer Planets, available to read/buy). Early 20s starving author years, hitch hiked (like Kerouac) all over the USA while writing & at university. Degrees BA, BBA, MSBA (Boston University). U.S. Army veteran (5 years stationed in Cold War Europe 1970s, Hon.Dis./ARCOM etc). Since 1980 home base San Diego CA while working in aerospace & computer informantion systems industries, plus travel in Europe, marriage, happy days. Citizenship now USA plus Luxembourg & E.U. (Pause for breath…)

Museum Notes. I won't make this little page a novel. You'll find historical information about Clocktower Books (my San Diego small press imprint, ISBN Prefix 0-7433) at the Museum Site. I enjoyed building model trains as a child, and now, like a bigger kid, I love building and linking websites (my webplex).

Overall Webplex Design Flow

Start Here. You're at my recently launched Gollywood dot ORG site, created to introduce readers to the movie potential in some of my novels. Note: Caffeine Books and Galley City open new web pages. More info soon.

as you read, think of the movie already rolling in your head

Caffeine Books: Story of My Writing Life. I've designed the flow of Caffeine Books (and motifs like Café Okay) to stimulate reading and ideas. Note: Caffeine Books and Galley City open new web pages.

as you read, think of the movie already rolling in your head

Galley City: The Bookstore Metaphor. Long story short: I figure that if you read half of a novel, you must be hooked and therefore interested in buying the whole story.Other metaphor: Read-a-Latte. With e-books particularly, which I helped pioneer in the mid to late 1990s, we can keep the price down to that of a cup of coffee. The coffee is gone in minutes, but you'll savor a novel for many hours. Best buy in town. Safe, too: all my transactions are done at Amazon dot com. My websites use no tracking, no cookies, not even a breath mint. Note: Caffeine Books and Galley City open new web pages. Have fun! And thanks… [JTC]

as you read, think of the movie already rolling in your head


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